The world of totally new gadgets for hands that allow interacting with virtual and digital reality, easy and joyful. We’ve done lots of researches to find out what the ideal controllers for VR and video games should be – and created them! Raccoon.World is Ukrainian startup that provides users with the entirely new gaming experience. With our gadgets you can actually touch the virtual world, and to control it as well.

Svitlana Malovana, CEO of Raccoon.World

creating uniqueness

Raccoon.World developes gadgets for hands that differ in complexity, functionality, and price and address to different audiences



  • What is it A compact controller for operating objects in virtual world.
  • Where to use Games (fightings, shooters, arcades, drag&drop games) and software (3D and VR design), mobile VR/AR.
  • How it works spatial orientation + 3 buttons can fully substitute a regular controller for new experience and more precise moving, aiming, interacting with objects, etc.


  • What is it A glove that provides full interaction with virtual or remote objects.
  • Where to use VR/AR, games industry, sex industry, reabilitology, medicine, remote operation, Internet sales via VR, design (3D, VR).
  • How it works Raccoon.Glove transfers the hand position and all its movements, including fine motor skills, into virtual world or reproduces to a remote robotic hand. The user can feel the form, tension, elasticity, asperity of the virtual or remote object etc.

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  • Lana Malovana

    Lana Malovana

  • Alex Radovichenko

    Alex Radovichenko

  • Vitalii Tolkachov

    Vitalii Tolkachov

  • Alex Chernegov
    Tech Engineer

    Alex Chernegov

  • Vladimir Churilov
    Software Developer

    Vladimir Churilov

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    Vladislav Kovnatskiy

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    Software Developer

    Sasha Radovichenko

  • Olga Lesik

    Olga Lesik

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    Anna Bezrodna

  • Eugene Pivovar
    PR Officer

    Eugene Pivovar

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    Digital Marketing Manager

    Sergey Korsunovsky

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    Marketing Manager

    Marwin Soto


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We are searching for investors! If you’re considering investing in Raccoon.world, please request a detailed presentation, business plan and terms of partnership by e-mail: info@raccoon.world

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