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b2b solutions

b2b solutions

During working on our solution Raccoon.Recovery our team has mastered numerous skills – from prototyping and hardware creation to software development for digital, VR and AR realities.

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b2b solutions
We are good at

Tech we have mastered


orientation sensors

heart rate sensors

bend sensors

pressure sensors,



3D modeling of the device body

board tracing and manufacturing

casting of polyurethane and silicone cases (up to 20 pcs*)

VR gloves manufacturing


algorithms for converting information received from sensors

keyboard and mouse emulation, Multi-user web service

Connectivity of hardware
Connectivity of hardware

PC, SDK** for VR/AR, ArKit, ArCore

SDK for Android,

iOS, SDK for HTC

Vive Tracker

Communication technology
Communication technology




USB, Ethernet, UART


Industries in focus

Who are our customers?

Implemented solutions

Case studies

Controller for M.E.Doc
Controller for M.E.Doc

Device for entertaining AR-solution for events to increase customer loyalty. The controller in the form of the remote is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone/tablet (for mobile games in AR) A booth visitor rides a bicycle in an augmented reality helmet and by pressing the keys of the controller “turns” paper documents into electronic ones.

Microcontrollers, 3D modeling of device body, board tracing and manufacturing, Body molding, SDK for VR/AR applications, Bluetooth + partners (Android application (AR) Tested by 1500+ users on the client’s events

VR glove
VR glove

Gaming solution for the entertainment center: a multifunctional glove that sends data about the bending of fingers through HTC VIVE tracker (connects to the tracker, the tracker wirelessly sends its information and data from the glove that are received by the PC, processed and converted into a picture of moving hands in VR).

Bend sensors, 3D modeling of the body, Tracing and manufacturing of boards, Body molding, Gloves manufacturing, SDK for HTC Vive Tracker, USB + partners (app for HTC Vive) Batch of 4 gloves manufactured, tested by 30 people, public launch pending

Algorithm of success

How we work with our clients

discussion of the idea and
confirmation of the concept
a summary creation by the
Project Manager
development of technical
coordination of
terms and cost
support during the agreed
period after delivery
interim development
results for review
prepayment receiving
and the launch
signing the contract
How we work with our clients
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