The startup in physical rehabilitation Raccoon Technologies, that has already successfully launched previous modification of the product on the EU market, launched the COVID-19 response – Raccoon.Recovery Light. The solution helps therapists to treat quarantined patients and reduce cancellations during the lockdown. Now Raccoon.Recovery Light is free for 14 days!

Raccoon.Recovery Light is an application for managing records in physiotherapy that allows rehab professionals to continue working with clients remotely. It provides a possibility to fully conduct the rehabilitation process via Internet, including automated examination tests, easy and fast creation of gamified home exercise program, remote monitoring of training and in-built messenger and video calls for constant communication. The company implements its unique approach of gamifying training exercises and engaging achievements for patients that have already shown its efficiency in the previous product.

How did the startup come up with the idea?

“I remember March, 12 when one of our partners from Poland called and told that probably they would have to close all of their facilities. My team and I immediately stopped doing our recent tasks and gathered for brainstorming. Our aim was to find the way how we can quickly help our clients in this situation and how we can continue our own business if we will not be able to ship our sensors to customers due to lockdown. After two hours we have already been working on a renewed product – Raccoon.Recovery Light.”

Svitlana Malovana, CEO at Raccoon.World

“The most important thing in terms of marketing was to define the totally new value proposition that will be relevant for customers in the current situation. And to do it quickly, so we could proceed with product development ASAP and to bring solution on the market in time. We’ve made express but very intense research between our current and potential customers, revealed most important pains, gains and user jobs they have now and created the product design scheme and development roadmap with a vision to launch the product as soon as possible with most important features, and then make updates with functions that bring extra benefits”.

Anna Bezrodna, CBDO at Raccoon.World

Stop reading. Start using it!

A free trial of Raccoon.Recovery Light is available for 14 days.

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How the solution works and who may benefit from it?

The solution can be used by any kind of physiotherapy facility – whether it is a private practice or a huge rehab centre. It has an in-built patient management system, and the GDPR-compliant Amazon server in Germany allows operating of multiple accounts at a time. It only requires having a PC and an Android smartphone for gathering movement data (macOS and iOS versions will be released in May).

Raccoon.Recovery Light is already officially launched (6,5 weeks after the idea has appeared!) after successfully undergone beta-testing by rehab professionals. During the validation of market fit in different countries we have already received 100+ requests from rehab facilities in EU and Asia, and the customer acquisition cost starts from 1,5 euro/rehab facility.  That means that we are doing everything right, and we are approaching our main goal – make effective, timely and engaging rehabilitation available to everyone in need.

Get acquainted and order Raccoon.Recovery Light solution on the product page. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at