Solution updates, closed round, and business growth! 2020 was a challenging year, but it brought us big opportunities to grow further. COVID-19 crisis forced the demand for telehealth solutions. We see that our mission – To make efficient, engaging, timely rehabilitation accessible to anyone in need – became even more acute. 

Let’s recap some of the highlights for Raccoon.World as we enter 2021. Here’s how 2020 finished up.

Received CE certification

Raccoon.Recovery became CE certified as a medical device. Thus, the solution for physical therapy Raccoon.Recovery meets the essential requirements of all relevant European Medical Device Directives.

CE certification

Collaborated with the first large customers

In 2020 we started cooperation with the first large customers on our focus markets – Germany and Poland. Our team appreciates priceless feedback from insurance companies and private rehabilitation centres because together we are making Raccoon.Recovery even better for therapists and their patients, as well as moving the physical rehabilitation to a completely new level.

Rehabilitation through games

Brought telemedicine to rehabilitation

During the lockdown, the values, distribution and use of products changed. As a response to it, the team released Raccoon.Recovery Light for remote physical therapy. Clients management, digitized examination, course creation, results monitoring – everything in one comprehensive software for physical rehabilitation. Raccoon.Recovery Light works with the patient’s smartphone instead of therapy sensors.

We know the lockdown gave a boost for many rehabilitation centres and clinics to go digital. Some of the physical therapy facilities were closed in the early spring. Their challenges became our challenges. We wanted to support our clients. That is why we created a digital solution for physical rehabilitation called Raccoon.Recovery Light.”

Svitlana Malovana, CEO & Co-Founder of Raccoon.World

telemedicine to rehabilitation

Closed Seed round

We did it with the round’s total of 900K euro! The private investment fund QPDigital invested in our startup during the second phase of Seed round. The money will be spent on business scaling on the new markets, development of the new product functions, and extra clinical trials for it.

Raccoon.Recovery Team - Closed Seed round

Recognised by the tech community

Svitlana Malovana became one of the Top-20 Women Tech Entrepreneurs in Ukraine. This award highlights the importance of diversity in the workplace, recognizing the achievements of women working to drive IT excellence, innovation, leadership and success in the tech industry.

Svitlana Malovana - one of the Top-20 Women Tech Entrepreneurs in Ukraine

Participated in the H+ accelerator

We were selected to take part in the H+ Innovation Programme for digital health startups. It was organized by the major healthcare and insurance market stakeholders – InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) and Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center (dmac). The program focuses on the cooperation with insurers that are one of our key customers and brought us a lot of practical insights about current needs, pains and user jobs of them.

H+ accelerator

Participated in the 500 Startups accelerator

Our team participated in the world’s top acceleration program 500 Georgia by 500 Startups, the venture fund that supported unicorn companies such as Canva, Gitlab, Talkdesk, Knotel and Udemy. The accelerator was tailored to business growth and scaling, it helped us to build a strong sales strategy with a vision to future scaling during next years.

500 Startups accelerator

Selected by the European Commission

Our project has been recommended for funding within the Seal of Excellence by EIC Phase 2. It is a quality label that was awarded to our project proposal within the frame of Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation funding programme.

Seal of Excellence by EIC Phase 2.

New year, new challenges, and new achievements

There are so many things that our team is proud of! Raccoon.World continues to power ahead. At Raccoon.World, we will be as busy in 2021 as ever.

  • Strengthen positions on our focus markets (Germany and Poland).
  • Start scaling across the EU.
  • Conduct several pilots, including a large clinical study with Max Planck Institute.
  • Release Raccoon.Recovery devices for the whole body.

Raccoon.World is seeking partners for this exciting endeavour, and we are open to approaches from medical centres, insurers and other partners. We are looking for:

  • Corporations to help provide remote physical therapy and increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation services for patients.
  • Health insurers to forecast expenses and decrease spending on each patient.
  • Academic partners to conduct clinical trials for our physiotherapy platform. 
  • Associations and policymakers to assist in the implementation of telerehabilitation in local communities with our free training and support on guidelines creation.
  • Investors for Series A to discuss investment in the next round in 2021.

Do you want to join us? Contact us at if you are interested in cooperation possibilities.