Even if the product that you create is qualitative and meets all the stated requirements, the question of the name is still very important. When we came up with a name for our solution, we took into account two things: functionality and the main destination.

Functionality, or Why “Raccoon”

Undoubtedly, in the process of playing the main tool is the brain. But the commands of the brain are performed with the help of hands. And in this case, the most important is agility, accuracy, and freedom of movement. And we associate these features with raccoons.

The raccoon is one of the most dexterous animals, their unique fingers are adapted for easy grasping, and their paws are very similar to human hands. Even with blindfolded eyes, raccoons do not lose their dexterity, because tactile sensations are important for these animals.

These are the qualities that we want to give patients – the same dexterity and precision of action as raccoons have! That’s why in the name of our controller the part of the “raccoon” appeared.

P.S. Raccoons are dangerous predators, although at the same time they are cute and charming)

Raccoon contollers for physiotherapy

Destination: Recovery

Before creating a solution for rehabilitation the team produced gadgets to interact with virtual reality. Then we noticed that the video games controllers we made before became very popular with people with hand disabilities. This made us pivot from video-game controllers to hand-rehab-controllers.

After talking with physiotherapists, we realized that we could change the industry and make this world a better place. Together with them we created solution which now consists of hand-rehab-controllers and full-scale monitoring and analyzing software. And we gave him the name Raccoon.Recovery.

Woman repairing her arm while playing games