This story is about our engineer Alexander Chernegov. But in this story, he is not an engineer, but primarily a person who learns first hand what a hand rehabilitation is.

A few years ago, Alexander fell on the glass and cut his hand. That is why 2 fingers of his right hand lost sensitivity completely, and his palm – partially.

He could not do elementary things on his own, although over time he learned how to eat and brush his teeth with the help of a plaster lining – he wound a necessary tool to it and thus managed to use it.

“With my stage of carpal tunnel damage and tendon incision, I had little chance of restoring my arm. But then I tried Raccoon“, – Alexander shares his memories.

By a fortunate coincidence, Alexander was an engineer in Raccoon during this difficult time for him. Then the company had not yet created a rehabilitation tool but was developing controllers for video games. Due to the incident, Alexander was temporarily unable to perform the duties of an engineer, so he became a controller tester. And it helped him to recover. Playing Arkanoid, games with Tanks and Airplanes, Alexander was deeply involved in the rehabilitation process and paid less attention to pain when performing pronation and supination. This helped him to recover quickly.
And Alexander’s injury, in its turn, helped the company make a pivot for solution for rehabilitation.

Now, this tool for hand rehabilitation is already available for order for use in rehab centres and for telerehabilitation.