We have talked with dozens of patients and therapists, and we have heard different stories – some are amazing and have happy endings. Others are not. Every rehab story is unique, and they are all worth sharing. So welcome our rubric #recoverystories.

Iryna, scientific researcher at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, former piano player:

“Since I was a child, I adored both science and art. And when I had to choose my profession, I decided to go into geophysics, but piano stayed in my life: I played for my husband, then to my children. That was my way of getting inspiration, revealing from stress and my special moments with daughters. Unless 15 years ago I cut my fingers with a glass.

The surgery went okay, but then the rehab process started. At that time there were no modern methods, and rehabilitation went so long and boring. Actually, I stopped doing exercises because I couldn’t see whether there were any results. And I had so much work to do at the university and the same at home with 2 children.

My fingers never restored full functionality, and from that time I almost do not play the piano anymore. I live a good life, I have a perfect family and work of my dream, but I often miss those piano days. If only I could monitor and understand that actually I HAD progress, I would never quit exercising”.

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