During the IFSSH 14th IFSSH & 11th IFSHT Triennial Congress, we have also verified the business model and easiness of integration of Raccoon.Recovery with therapists from 20+ countries. This additionally proves the big future of the product for worldwide scaling. Take a look at several reviews from the event:

Anna (Poland): 

“It’s great that with Raccoon you can remotely support the patient and monitor the dynamics of his rehabilitation and understand how he was taking the course, when there were turning points and with what they were connected.”

Carlos (Peru):

“Gamification is very good, this is the thing that will support the patient during the course of rehabilitation. And when dealing with fine motor skills, it is very important that the gaming solution is designed specifically for the rehabilitation of hands.”

On the event, we also got several propositions to implement our solution in the physiotherapy courses for future therapists. Modern teachers feel lack of innovations to show their students and search for them constantly. We will be happy to start communicating with young rehabilitologists and to develop innovative and effective changes to the industry together!

Laptop with game controllers