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Solutions for entertainment

We believe in connecting business with technology to foster an environment of success. Raccoon.World team creates and customizes complex solutions (hardware/software) for entertainment to help your business work better and work differently. With our help you will maximize the value of content you bring to your clients to reach loyalty and better revenues!

Our expertise

Step into the future

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Gaming
  • Video 360
  • Interactive presentations
Our clients

Add a pinch of fun to your business

Combining a breadth of experience, deep technical capabilities, and diverse
service offerings, we deliver IT solutions for different industries that are focused
on improving business performance.

  • Shopping malls

  • Concert halls

  • Sport stadiums

  • Retail companies

  • Private business

  • Advertising agencies

How we work

Art of cooperation

  • Discuss your needs
  • Find together the best solution
  • Offer solution concepts
  • Provide services
  • Benchmarking
  • Release
  • Profit!

Boosting your business

Raccoon.World developes complex solutions based on our hardware and software expertise that allows engaging your clients and colleagues into captivating world of modern technologies.

  • what is it

    VR tourism solution

  • For whom

    Travel agency

  • For what purpose

    Competitive advantage, additional customer service

  • Description

    The client can take a virtual walk in the chosen hotel or to explore the tourist places of the region

  • Used technologies

    VR, video 360, Unity, Mobile, Android, Windows, C#

  • what is it

    Interactive presentations for distributor meetups

  • For whom

    Software developer

  • For what purpose

    Increase of distributor loyalty via implementation of modern technologi

  • Description

    Boost of presentation functionality by adding interactivity and the possibility of presenting together

  • Used technologies

    Windows, С++

  • what is it

    Interactive solution for events

  • For whom

    Cola manufacturer

  • For what purpose

    Strengthening the concept of an innovative company

  • Description

    You throw cans with cola to the bear in AR and gain points. When 10 points are reached, the bear drinks a can of cola

  • Used technologies

    AR, Unity, Mobile, Android, C#, ARcore

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