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Basic info about Raccoon.Recovery

Raccoon.Recovery is a platform that consists of software and devices for digitized rehabilitation to treat people after injuries and neurological diseases. Its core is a cloud-based software for patient management, rehabilitation course creation and remote monitoring. To control physical exercises, we provide sensors, and during the lockdown, patients can use their smartphones instead of sensors.

Raccoon.Recovery can be used both inside the facilities and for telerehabilitation. It includes digitized examination, rehab course creation and patient progress monitoring.

Gamification of Raccoon.Recovery keeps patients motivated and as a result, they don’t drop the course, forget about the pain and make more repetitive movements per session.

Devices (hand controllers and body sensors) gather movement data that is tracked and analyzed by software. To recover, patients play in-built video games with the rehabilitation movements that are prescribed to reach the rehabilitation goal. The game is controlled by body movements that are necessary for physical recovery.

Devices (hand controllers and body sensors) act as assessment tools. They are also game manipulators and track patients’ movements during rehabilitation games.

Yes, you can. With our product modification Raccoon.Recovery Light, patients can use their smartphones instead of sensors. To track movement data, a smartphone should be attached to the affected part of the body.

To control physical exercises, we provide devices in Raccoon.Recovery Standard. With Raccoon.Recovery Light, patients can use their smartphones instead of devices. The software is almost the same in both modifications.

Now we focus on small to medium private outpatient facilities. However, inpatient and outpatient, private and state physiotherapy, ergotherapy centres and rehabilitation clinics will also benefit from Raccoon.Recovery. Therapists as solo entrepreneurs are welcomed too.

Raccoon.Recovery is created for physical therapist, occupational therapist/ergotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, neurologist, caregiver at nursing homes as well as other physical therapy and rehabilitation professionals.

Please contact us at info@raccoon.world to schedule an appointment with our team. We will present to you our physical therapy solution and give access to test it.

Use cases

Raccoon.Recovery can be used for hand and upper extremity rehabilitation when physical exercises are prescribed: cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes, cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), traumatic injuries, nerve, nerve root and plexus disorders, traumatic brain injury, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue.

Our solution is beneficial for patients during all stages of physical rehabilitation if the patient has minimal mobility.

Yes, it is. Raccoon.Recovery can be used by patients older than 7 years.

Yes, it is. Our rehabilitation software and provided games are designed with respect to the needs of older adults.

Yes, it is. Our solution is based on training with exercises that can be used for neurological patients. The rehabilitation games that are included in the application are suitable for neurological patients in terms of colour, pace and difficulty.

Raccoon.Recovery can be used by a patient only under therapist’s supervision. The physio examines the patient’s condition, assigns exercises of rehabilitation course and monitors progress remotely.

No, it cannot. We strive to support but not to replace therapists, making their daily job duties simpler and rehab courses more engaging.

Scientific evidence

Yes, they are. Video games turn a usually boring rehab exercise into engaging training. Patients aged 75+ are even more involved in therapy based on gamification than young people [Investigating Gamification for Seniors Aged 75+. DOI: 10.1145/3196709.3196799].

Yes, it can. Physiotherapy with telerehabilitation has the potential to increase the quality of life, is feasible, and is at least equally effective as usual care [Effectiveness of physiotherapy with telerehabilitation in surgical patients. DOI: 0.1016/j.physio.2018.04.004].

Certification and data security

Raccoon.Recovery solution is certified according to CE mark medical device Class 1. Please have a look at our Declaration of Conformity MDD.

GDPR compliance is confirmed by a third party — ePrivacy, a German company that specializes in medical data protection.

We store data in the GDPR compliant cloud data store in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Technical issues

Raccoon.Recovery software operates on Windows computer or tablet. Other technical requirements include the following:

  • Windows 7 and newer versions (64-bit);
  • Processor with a minimum frequency of 2 GHz;
  • RAM — at least 2 GB;
  • Free hard disk space — at least 1.5 GB;
  • Color graphic display (resolution 1024 x 768 or higher);
  • Mouse and keyboard;
  • Internet access (Recommended internet speed: 500 kbps).

Currently not but we negotiate with PC manufacturers to make the implementation of our solution even simpler.


Raccoon.Recovery works on the monthly subscription-based model. Raccoon.Recovery Standard pricing starts from €19,99 user/month and varies depending on the number of user accounts. Please check our pricing model. Raccoon.Recovery Light pricing starts from €4,99 user/month and varies depending on the number of user accounts. Please contact us at info@raccoon.world to figure out our offer for your facility.

Yes, we do. For facilities over 150 user accounts, we provide personalized pricing. Please contact us at info@raccoon.world to figure out our offer special for your facility size.

Yes, there is. We provide an opportunity to test Raccoon.Recovery software and devices. Please contact us at info@raccoon.world to ask for details.