If work according to a stable scheme month by month seems to be boring to you, if your soul is hungry for challenges, and a flexible mind want to experiment and get challenging tasks if your value is to make the world and people’s lives better (and if this is a key issue when you are choosing a job) – we will be glad to see you as our Head of Sales! 

We are creating a hardware + software solution that will fundamentally change the approach to the physical rehabilitation of people after a stroke and injuries. Our team carefully mixes Big Data, Machine Learning and video games with a deep study of the needs of our customers to make quality recovery accessible to everyone. The product is already launched on German and Polish markets and we plan to scale to other EU countries in the next several years, and that is why we are looking for you!

Contact person: Olga Lesik, info@raccoon.world

Whom we are searching for:

  • Experienced in successful building sales from scratch within a fast-paced and dynamic business environment (preferably for startups)
  • Fluent English and German (Polish as an advantage)
  • Experience in selling for medical institutions 
  • Ready for business trips
  • Strategic thinker, ready to build and constantly update sales strategy and tactics
  • An open-minded person with a focus on teamwork to gather insights from clients and provide them to business development and technical teams.
  • Ready to build a team of regional sales managers in different markets (from 2 now to 15 in 2024).
  • Ready to build sales KPIs and be responsible for the performance

Tips for our future Head of Sales:

  • Keep it simple. Trying to make it more complex in a startup creates more excuses for failure.
  • If you come from a large software company, your knowledge of their methodology is useless. It isn’t going to work in a startup.
  • You will need to know how to interact and collaborate with engineers, marketers and product managers.
  • Be ready to fail. Be ready that your marketing team and product team will fail as well. We are doing completely new things and no one on Earth has relevant experience to advise. Take the failure as a lesson and as a step to future mind-boggling success.
  • Be incredibly passionate about the problem you are solving and the solution you are solving it with. Working “for the paycheck” just isn’t going to work out. You need to own this thing. It is your baby.

What do we offer:

  • The joy and pride of selling a product that will change the world
  • Challenging tasks and endless opportunities to learn new skills
  • Trips inside the EU and abroad
  • Friendly teammates ready to charge with energy and support
  • Stable income growth thanks to KPI fulfilment