Raccoon.Recovery exercises posted in our blog in April here and here were highly appreciated by the people all over the world who were locked in quarantine without access to rehabilitation, and also became very popular among therapists who need to send home exercises video demonstrations to their patients.

Now we present an even more accessible format – video demonstrations. After all, the main task is to continue to do exercises, no matter what!

Exercises for Hands and Arms:

Exercises for Legs:

Exercises for Body:

All the videos of the exercises for whole body here.

We remind you that all these exercises also you can find:

  • in Raccoon.Recovery Light Facility – our application for therapists that helps building remote rehabilitation with clients – already available for downloading: https://raccoon.world/therapist
  • in the simplified version Raccoon.Recovery Light Home for home training (without supervising) – to be released later in May: https://raccoon.world