Physical rehab made easy

Meet Raccoon.Recovery, an app that will help you exercise at home to recover from surgeries and manage chronic pain.

Join us and get tailored schedule of follow-along video workouts recommended by professional therapists.


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Exercising at home doesn't have to be a chore

Know exactly what to do

Know exactly what to do

Enjoy follow-along workouts based on a library of high-quality exercise videos.

Track your progress

Track your progress

Complete your daily goals and visualize your achievements on a dashboard.

Keep connected

Keep connected

Your physio can see your progress, give you feedback and adjust the training if needed.

Raccoon.Recovery can help you with:

back pain
knee pain
shoulder pain
neck pain
hip pain

Your journey towards a pain-free life

With Raccoon.Recovery, physical rehab becomes easier and faster. Finally, you’ve got an assistant at your side.

Let it remind you of upcoming workouts, track time, and keep your training journal for you.

About us

Raccoon.Recovery represents 3 years of close collaboration with physical therapists, researchers, and patients. Many of our team members have been through physical rehab, so we know exactly what exercising at home feels like.

On our journey, we’ve been supported by the EU (the Horizon 2020 funding programme) and the industry’s leading companies.

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