Raccoon.clip 2.0

The most affordable pro controller for xbox, ps and pc

Raccoon.Clip makes professional gaming affordable to every gamer. Get all the advantages of PRO controllers like Xbox elite controller and Razer Raiju at a price of 2 times lower ($79 only)! Free shipping and $20 discount when you pre-order before launch
  • Separate orthopedic controllers for longer gameplay

    While a normal controller forces the wrists to bend, Raccoon.Clip lets you keep it at a neutral angle, decreasing pressure and strain.

  • Extra buttons deliver extra possibilities in any games

    Get more control and don’t take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations.

  • Limitless customization in the app on your smartphone

    Adjust trigger and thumbstick sensitivities, button assignments, and more. Create as many controller profiles as you like!

  • Big triggers with sensitivity tuning for shooters

    With Raccoon.Clip triggers you can fire faster and save valuable time with each trigger pull. As a bonus, you can adjust its sensitivity in an app.

  • Swappable D-pads: cross, separate, circle

    Exchange D-pads to experience game-changing accuracy. Now you don’t have to compromise on D-pad type – you have them all.

  • Motion controls in any game in the world

    Map any buttons or actions on familiar motions and get additional advantage by saving time. Just bend your hand in 1 sec to execute a complicated combo!

Technical specifications

Simplicity and technology. the result is utterly spectacular

Raccoon.Clip adapts to your hand size and play style with configurations that can improve accuracy, speed and buttons reach.


  • Swappable linings for all hand sizes
  • Natural access to buttons, triggers and bumpers
  • Wireless connection to PS, Xbox and PC
  • Rubberized no-sweat grips and thumbsticks
  • 14 hours of gaming without charging
How to get it?

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