Equality and healing

Hand rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation program is designed for people with hand disabilities (cerebral palsy, quadriplegic, hand injuries, stroke consequences etc). We create a complex solution for patients and doctors that includes Raccoon.Clip and analytics software. It is going to speed up hand rehabilitation and provide ability of enjoying video games to people with different possibilities.

Complex solution

Effective and easy to implement

  • Raccoon.Clip

    No need to hold controller in hands.

    Haptic movements for training

  • Software

    Easy-to-use for patients and doctors.

    Data gathering and analytics

Different abilities – equal possibilities

Solution results

  • Better emotional state

    Having the possibility to play video games like people with general abilities can provide a better mood and positive attitude to life.

  • Improved fine motor skills

    Playing with Racoon.Clip is based on haptic movements. Moreover, gaming mode of rehabilitation inspires patient to train more.

  • Higher brain activity

    Exercises for hands and fingers have a positive effect on brain activity. The reflex points on the hands transfer impulses to the central nervous system.

  • Analytics of methodologies

    Gathering data about dynamics of rehabilitation helps to compare the effectiveness of different treatment methods.


How are we going to evolve

  • 01/2018 Testing in Ukraine
  • 07/2018 Certification in Ukraine
  • 09/2018 Testing in USA and EU
  • 02/2019 Start of FDA certification process
  • 12/2019 FDA certificate, start of medical programs in US
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