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We are a multinational team of healthtech enthusiasts on a mission to make efficient, engaging, and timely rehabilitation accessible to anyone in need.

  • Svitlana Malovana

    Svitlana Malovana

  • Alex Radovichenko

    Alex Radovichenko

  • Anna Bezrodna

    Anna Bezrodna

  • Vitalii Tolkachov

    Vitalii Tolkachov

  • Olga Antoniuk

    Olga Antoniuk

  • Zakhar Kozii
    Head of Patient Care

    Zakhar Kozii

  • Toni Muffel
    Head of Research

    Toni Muffel

  • Alex Chernegov
    Tech Engineer

    Alex Chernegov

  • Vitalii Shmidko
    Hardware Developer

    Vitalii Shmidko

  • Vladislav Lemekha

    Vladislav Lemekha

  • Iryna Mykhailova
    Regional Manager - DACH

    Iryna Mykhailova

  • Lia Gubashvili
    Regional Manager - Poland and Caucasus

    Lia Gubashvili

  • Kateryna Rodkina
    Project Manager

    Kateryna Rodkina

  • Serge Korsunovskiy
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Serge Korsunovskiy

  • Julia Kovalchuk
    Tech Writer

    Julia Kovalchuk

  • Vladyslava Omelianchuk
    HR Manager

    Vladyslava Omelianchuk

Meet our mentors

Advisory Board

We are proud that top physical rehabilitation and business development experts support Raccoon.World’s growth.

  • Yurii Sereshchenko
    Managing Partner at QPDigital

    Yurii Sereshchenko

  • Yaropolk Pshyk
    Managing director of Medical Centre of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine «Innovo»

    Yaropolk Pshyk

  • Lars Buch
    Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Accelerator in Berlin

    Lars Buch

  • Ievgen Antoniuk
    CEO at BFG-Associates LTD

    Ievgen Antoniuk


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