Physical therapy software for home exercise programs

Raccoon.Recovery helps therapists to save time on home exercise program (HEP) creation and increase patients’ compliance with it. It is free, anonymous, available from any device and does not require registration. Try it now!

Digitalization that really helps you

Physical therapy app for professionals and their clients

Do you spend a lot of time explaining to your clients how to do home exercises between sessions with you? And after all your struggling, do they still forget to do them or do them wrong? We have developed a digital assistant for therapists just like you and their patients that helps to overcome these challenges.

Web service for a therapist

Work from your browser on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac)

1. Few minutes to create a HEP = more time for a therapy
2. Make flexible program changes according to facts, not words
3. Achieve better results with clients and increase their loyalty

Smartphone app for clients

Android app for smartphones and tablets that is easy to master even for seniors

1. Get a clear understanding of what to do, when and how
2. Don’t forget to do the exercises due to notifications
3. Increase motivation due to getting rewarded for daily goals

3 simple steps to engage a patient

Create a program

A therapist creates a home exercise program in a couple of minutes: just chooses exercises from our library of high-quality video lessons, sets exercise duration and adds notes. The platform assists on each step of what to do!

Create a program

Send the code

The unique code of the created program is provided to a client by email or any other means.

Send the code

Enjoy the result

Client enters the unique code into the app on a smartphone, gets a home exercise program to the device and follows it at home. The app tracks the progress until he/she achieves a daily goal!

Yes, this is THAT easy!

Enjoy the result
Appreciated by users and media

Testimonials & Overviews

The platform was featured in media between best physical therapy apps and, what is really important, highly rated by users – therapists and patients.

Personal data is under protection

We do not collect any personal and medical data! Keep calm about the protection of personal data of your clients and colleagues. Raccoon.Recovery Light physical therapy software is fully GDPR compliant as proven by the leading EU data protection company ePrivacy.

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