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The Raccoon app helps to restore and maintain the health of your back by providing guided home exercise courses based on video lessons and tips. No long questionnaires, excessive screen taps, and unnecessary steps. Just get your personalized exercise program in 1 minute, repeat high-quality video lessons, see your progress.

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  • 1000+ app downloads in a month

    1000+ app downloads in a month

  • 4,7 Google Play rating

    4,7 Google Play rating

  • a startup named one of TOP 12 Telerehab solutions by Fortune

    a startup named one of TOP 12 Telerehab solutions by Fortune

  • validated by physical therapists and athletes

    validated by physical therapists and athletes

  • funded by European Commission

    funded by European Commission

A personal story made it happen

I remember my dozens of attempts to start exercising regularly. Visiting a therapist was not the best option for me because of regular business trips. I thought that there should be something on the market that will help me do it by myself, and to do it in the right way. At Raccoon, we believe in the future with a single platform where everyone can take the necessary exercise program and become healthy.

Svitlana Malovana, CEO & co-founder

The new experience you’ve waited for

What makes Raccoon stand out?

  • Personalized programs just for you

    Personalized programs just for you

    Every condition is special, all the therapists agree. We provide you with a personalized program, not just another standard course from the web that might not suit you or even harm you.

  • Based on medical protocols

    Based on medical protocols

    Unlike fitness apps, our exercise programs are built on medical protocols and together with prominent German and Canadian therapists and athletes. You also get professional advice on how to do exercises right.

  • Saving your precious time

    Saving your precious time

    A lot of things in your life are more fascinating than setting the next app. So we make it as effortless as we can. Your exercise programs for healthy living are just a few taps away.

  • Any level of digital skills

    Any level of digital skills

    Minimalistic understandable menu, big buttons, automated launching of next exercises, and other lovely features make the app good for people of any age and smartphone skills.

How it works

1. The easy way to get a personal course

  • Pre-installed demos of each course so you can get acquainted right after opening the app
  • Take a simple survey and get a personalized program, or download a ready-made one. Less than 1 minute, always.
  • No confusing medical terms or long questionnaires.
1. The easy way to get a personal course

2. Repeat after training videos

  • All videos are shot with professional therapists and athletes, you will see the perfect execution of every exercise.
  • Each exercise is exactly as long as you need and has the right quantity of sets just follow along.
  • Full HD quality allows not to miss a detail.
2. Repeat after training videos

3. Achieve your goals and get rewarded:

  • Know exactly how much was done and what is still to be done track your progress toward the whole daily plan and within each exercise.
  • The app informs you after achieving the daily goal so you can be sure that you didn’t miss the part of your training.
3. Achieve your goals and get rewarded:
Choose the one. Or both

Programs at Raccoon app

The health of your back in one mobile app. You have two options: 1) Answer questions and receive a personalized back exercise course, similar to the course prescribed by German therapists, or 2) Choose courses for strengthening the back, depending on your goals (to strengthen the muscles of the core, for good posture, etc.).

Low back pain

Low back pain

Days to complete: 28
Featured in physiotherapy media and based on knowledge of prominent German physiotherapists, Raccoon’s exercise program for fighting back pain helps you to get back to your full life faster.

Program is formed from 50+ specific exercises for back pain with consideration of pain severity and longevity, your fit, age, previous surgeries etc. Restore all kinds of movements, bring back the pleasure of long walks, bicycle rides, football, playing with children, gardening.

Good Posture

Good Posture

Days to complete: 21

Signature exercise program from Oleksii Kononov, Artist at Cirque du Soleil and Masters of Sports in artistic gymnastics. The program will help you to restore your good posture, improve general well-being, sleep, increase the amount of energy. Get a breath of fresh air, square your shoulders and gain self-confidence!

The program is formed with 100+ Wellness Exercises and has a great possibility to share your progress and discuss the program in Kononov Posture Chat.

No time to explain further

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