Welcome to the world of totally new gadgets for hands that allow interacting with virtual and digital reality (as well as with real world) – easy and joyful! Having an expertise in tracking and transferring fine motor skills, VR/AR and gaming, we develop solutions for entertainment and hand rehabilitation. Get in touch with us to create partnership!

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Branches we work in

creating uniqueness

Raccoon.World develops gadgets for hands that differ in complexity, functionality, price and address to different audiences

  • Gaming and mobile VR/AR

    Meet the universal controller that works both with video games on PC and mobile VR/AR applications.

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  • Entertainment

    We create and support complex solutions (including VR and AR) for concert halls, shopping malls, exhibitions etc.

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  • Rehabilitaton

    Raccoon.World empowers healthcare innovations, helping people with hand disabilities to recover and live a full life.

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  • Services for business

    Get help resolving your technology problems with intelligent IT solutions and services customized for your business.

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All the Raccoons

We are the dreamers. Those with the unique possibility to make dreams come true

  • Lana Malovana

    Lana Malovana

  • Alex Radovichenko

    Alex Radovichenko

  • Anna Bezrodna

    Anna Bezrodna

  • Vitalii Tolkachov

    Vitalii Tolkachov

  • Alex Chernegov
    Tech Engineer

    Alex Chernegov

  • Vladislav Kovnatskiy

    Vladislav Kovnatskiy

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    PR Officer

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    Digital Marketing Manager

    Sergey Korsunovsky

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    Marketing Manager

    Marwin Soto

  • Olga Lesik

    Olga Lesik

  • Timofei Tishkov
    MBA Adviser

    Tymofii Tishkov