The EU-based startup that helps people recover after injuries and neurological diseases has recently raised another 625K euro from private investment fund Quarter Partners in the second phase of its Seed funding round, which brings the round’s total to 900K euro.

If you have ever needed to visit a physiotherapist, you might know the struggle of long waiting lines and visiting a rehab facility several times a week to get better. Raccoon.World helps people to recover by bringing a therapist to their home, by means of the Internet. The startup works with insurers and rehabilitation facilities, providing them with a tool to conduct therapy with their clients digitally which becomes even more demanded in times of pandemic. Raccoon.Recovery is the first digital rehabilitation platform that allows building the entire rehabilitation process remotely, including:

  • patient examination,
  • creation of treatment plan,
  • recovering by playing video games,
  • versatile progress monitoring.

The solution can be used also for combined treatment when a patient comes to the rehab facility time by time and does monitored exercises at home.

How it works?

Using the cloud-based software, the therapist connects to a patient via an in-built video call tool to make examinations and build a treatment plan.  The plan includes exercises needed to achieve the patient’s rehab goal. The patient wears specially developed sensors while doing prescribed exercises (by repeating video lessons or playing video games). During the lockdown, patients can use their smartphones instead of sensors. The therapist can monitor patient training remotely, even without the necessity to be present at each session because all the data is securely stored in his account.

There is one more thing that makes Raccoon.Recovery stand out at the market. In comparison to other gamified physiotherapy solutions, their unique algorithm allows patients to use existing video games for recovery, bringing gamification to a completely new level.

Stop reading. Start using it!

A free trial of Raccoon.Recovery Light is available for 14 days.

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What is money for?

The startup plans to put the new funds into expanding on their existing markets (Germany and Poland) and preparing for future scaling within Europe and Asia. The money will also be spent on the development of the new product functionality as well as conducting additional clinical trials for it.

“I feel and know that we are doing something right, – says Svitlana Malovana, CEO and Co-Founder at Raccoon.World. – Our customers – rehab facilities and insurers – report the significant increase of therapists effectiveness. With Raccoon they can treat more patients at a time and increase the revenue. At the same time, we see how effective the treatment with Raccoon.Recovery is for patients. Now, when our team is sure how good Raccoon.Recovery fits the customer needs, we are going to provide our solution to a wider audience”.

What’s going on the market?

“Telemedicine is on the crest of a wave now, but this is not the only reason why we decided to invest in Raccoon.World, – says Denis Valvachev, Senior Managing Partner at Quarter Partners. – Their solution is already validated, has successfully undergone pilots, and there is a clear road map. We value the unique business model of the project that takes into account the interests of all the stakeholders. And of course, we believe in the team. They are very dedicated, have relevant experience to deliver, clearly understand tasks and ways to accomplish them”.

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